NFT Posters

An ecommerce solution for a company specialised in designing and printing NFT posters.
Foxy Crypto Cryptocurrency Website Development

NFT Posters is a fully-fledged ecommerce solution integrated with our digital marketing solutions.

We partnered with NFT Posters for their ecommerce website development and digital marketing. The resulting product is an easily-maintainable ecommerce solution with integrated digital and social media marketing.

Ecommerce Solution Development

For NFT Poster’s ecommerce website development, 24Hours Agency developed a clean and efficient online store for to maximise the company’s opportunities in the NFT space.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

24Hours Agency works closely with NFT Posters to ensure content is created and deployed to maximise reach.

Together, we created a structured content plan which has been implemented effectively on social media and via email campaigns.

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